Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer Garden Week 6

I know I just posted last Friday but those pictures were from the previous weekend (for week 5). I'm trying to post each Sunday, so I'm only a day behind this week ;-)

Let's look at some 'before' and 'after' pics. . .


green beans - this picture was taken just last weekend (I planted the seeds the weekend before that and this is them sprouting just after a week)

and after:

a week later.... look how much they have grown!


above picture was taken exactly one month ago on April 17th

Look at those beauties today :-)

Left view of the garden: taken May 1st

notice the sunflowers in the first bed

standing in the same place you now can't see the garden, the flowers have gotten so tall!

so I moved to the right slightly and took this shot.

the beans that were flowering (May 1st)

are looking like this! Actually he's the biggest bean I could see, the rest of them are very tiny, but it looks like we'll be having green beans very soon.

What else is going on - let's go see . . . .

peaches are doing well

plums even better :-)

my cilantro and dill are going C-R-A-Z-Y! I'm letting them go to seed!

My 10 rows of radishes! This is the first picture I have taken of them, but I planted them a couple of weeks ago. See the spinach ..... it's being eaten as fast as it grows. I got two little bunches like this but I didn't pick them because they are full of holes - nasty bugs!

So, how's your garden growing?


Noel Morata said...


you have beautiful veggies in your beds, your already getting your beans and peaches wow!

thanks for sharing it today

Paula said...

Things are looking great! I am planting my veggies this week (zone 4)SEeing your things makes me more exctied to get out and do it as soon as it stops raining!
Thanks for sharing, Paula in Idaho

Beth said...

Denise, the change in a week is amazing! You have good soil and a green thumb! :-)

siteseer said...

you're right!! things are growing like CRAZY!! Amazing what a couple of weeks will do. Looks great, can't wait to see next week.

Tootsie said...

your garden is thriving! I am so glad you linked your post in to mine this week! I hope you will join in again

Lynn said...

Everything looks very happy-enjoy!

Tosha said...

Looks delicious! Have you tried soapy water on the spinach to prevent the bugs from eating it? I didn't have a problem with bugs eating the spinach, it bolted on me this past week though:( I'll try again in august-September for a fall harvest

$5 Dinner Mom said...

Looking awesome Denise!

Love all your space! And my spinach was being eaten alive too this year. I just pulled it all today and will try again in the fall!

Blessings as your garden continues to grow and harvest!