Sunday, May 2, 2010

Summer Garden Week 4

Let's look at the positive . . . . despite the fact that a lot of the plants have been eaten and are still being eaten, it does look like we are making progress (albeit small) in some areas of the garden. I took these photos yesterday afternoon, so let's take a look

First of all, because all of my squash plants have been eaten I have grown some from seed in pots (I mentioned this last week but didn't show a pic) and am hanging on before I plant them out until I think they may survive the beetles attacks! (I have been using the new spray 'pyrethran' or something or other? on these and other stuff in the big beds) We can still see the cucumber beetles, which by the way look like this.....
but they don't seem to be doing as much damage since I sprayed them. The two green pots above have dill seedlings in them but they don't seem to be growing any larger. And the purple pot at the top right of the pic has lavender seeds in it.

Right corner view of the garden (above)

Left corner view... look how big the sunflowers are getting!

Peas and beans. Beans are on the right, peas top left. The black bits on the left are where we've planted more cucumber seeds! Hopefully they will come up too and we can spray them to keep the beetles off.

Progress! LOOK we have pea pods :-)

and the beans are starting to flower too.

The tomatoes seem to be doing well too. The peppers on the right, not so much!

Look at this sad looking thing.... it's supposed to be a green bell pepper! It looks very pale and sickly to me, not sure if it will get darker as it grows or if it will just shrivel up and die?

We planted pumpkins last week. These were already started in pots and were getting their second set of leaves on so I planted them out (6 total) only to have 3 eaten within days :-( I've since put more pumpkin seeds in the ground here to see if we can get more started.

the blackberry bushes are now full of berries :-)

Have a great Sunday everyone.


Judy said...

Denise...all that hard work, & your plants are being eaten!? Is there no way to keep the pests away? I know gardens take so much work - I remember my Mom out in ours every single day. Your plants that are doing well, look lovely though - so at least you have success. I LOVE that little character in your garden - looks like he's coming out of the groud??? So cute! Do you not use your signs that you made up for last year? I loved those - it reminded me of Rabbit's signs (from Winnie-the-Pooh).

Have a lovely day Denise. Enjoy working in your garden while it's overcast. Hugs!

Sabrina said...

I LOVE THIS! Large gardens in what looks like suburbia is fantastic. I use Earth boxes on my deck....we have MAJOR bunny issues and nearly as big of a yard as you. Great job!

Lemon Lane Studio said...

What an amazing garden you have...all those fruits and vegatables. I have never had luck with pumpkins but I try every year.