Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Summer Garden Week 1

I recently found Sweet Pea's lovely blog again. I remember reading her last year and loved seeing some of her garden posts. Well her new blog is wonderful. Her garden posts are all grouped together and I am really enjoying reading old posts and seeing pictures of her winter garden. She's in Houston and that means she has the same climate as we do. We can plant a summer and a winter garden here (we just never got around to doing winter stuff, but hopefully this year we can give it a try). Sweet Pea's posts have motivated me to try and post weekly here too! I know I said I would in my last post.... but well, that never happened.

So, here we are about 3 weeks after I last posted and I shall do a quick recap and call it 'week 1'. These pictures were taken about 5 days ago on April 8th:

above - this bed has 3 tomato plants on the left, and 3 pepper plants on the right (at the top of the picture you can see mesclun (baby lettuce leaves)

Here's a close up of the leaves.

These are broccoli plants.

Here we have beets.

This is my new herb garden... everything looks so small!

This bed has peas and beans in it. The peas are along the edge where the netting is, so they can climb up.

A close up of the peas!

A view looking toward the back of the house.

I get impatient at this time of year and often think the plants are not growing very fast! We had 3 squash plants and they have slowly been eaten by cucumber beetles. I'm pretty sad about that. I've planted more seeds and I have one remaining plant, so I'm still hoping we can get some zucchini this year. I will hopefully post after each weekend and take pictures of the progress. At least that way I can see for myself that things really are growing, even if they don't look like they are!

I'm linking this post to Outdoor Wednesday this week. Be sure to visit Susan and all the other participants for some great outdoor pics.


Animor said...

What a nice post to share. Hope they will grow fast and healthy. In our backyard my father in-law likes to plant herb and veggies also, we have lettuce here, also sweat peas, baby carrot, cherry tomatoe and spinach but on summer days they are no good they can't really survive on the heat, I don't know how he make them grow I only know he put fertilizer, it's very handy if you that sort of garden, anytime you can harvest or pick them. Everynight on our dinner if I'm not lazy I like picking some lettuce and make salad whisk with balsamic vinegar...

I'm gona start to follow you now.

Animor said...

Oh how can I follow you now I cant see any here.

Allison Shops said...

What a nice garden - you'll enjoy harvesting this summer/fall. Dropping by from Outdoor Wednesday.


Nancy's Notes said...

I am impressed!! I can't wait to be back to see them, I am sure you have a green thumb and they will be up and growing real soon!

Marie said...

Garden veggies are the coolest! We started ours last summer and have been enjoying the fruits of our labor. I'm like you, an impatient gardener ;) but soon enough, you'll be rewarded.

Katie Olthoff said...

Mmm...I love home grown broccoli! Your garden looks so neat and organized! Great job!

Judy said...

Hi Denise! I love your garden post. I would love to have a little garden. Yours is so neatly laid out. I can't wait to watch with you, as your 'crop' grows! Have a wonderful day Denise! Hugs

Unknown said...

it looks lovely! i can only imagine it all in another month or two! i love herbs, can't wait to plant mine :) hope all is well! susan

Darylynn said...

I'm sure it'll be wonderful, Denise, just like last year. My favorite thing to grow is tomatoes but cucumbers sound really great, too. Will you pickle some? I've never seen a cucumber beetle. It's nice that Texas has such big backyards! Look forward to seeing the progress. (((Hugz)))

Melissa Miller said...

How cool is this Denise! You've really got the touch for growing a garden and flowers too.

I didn't know about this other blog. Very nice!

You are so sweet to think everything was so clean on our back deck. The furniture is four years old now and starting show it's age with wear and tear. It didn't show in the pictures all that much though. I'll take it! He!
I need to work on our front porch and get some more flowers for it soon.

Have a great day my friend. ~Melissa :)

Jenna said...

What a beautiful garden and back yard, looks like you have plenty of room for a few chickens, lol!