Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekly update....

It was Spring Break this week so we've just been pottering around the house and yard a little. The weather was nice enough to be out but there wasn't much we could do by way of cleaning up the yard, because we haven't been to buy supplies yet, and Jason was working most of the days.

Today is the first day of Spring but the weather changed dramatically! We had a thunderstorm last night and woke to a back yard flooded in parts. And the temps dropped to the 50's. It's felt so cold today I've put the heating back on!

I planted some lavender seeds and dill seeds this week and had them in the little green house, but the wind blew it over today (despite it being tied to the wall!) and the pots have gone every where. I don't know if I can save them or if I should just start again. They'd only been in a couple of days so hadn't even sprouted.

I am going to try and update this blog once a week (at the weekend) and show anything new we've been doing. This is really just a blog for me, but if anyone so happens to wander in, well, hello and welcome :-) You are more than welcome to browse around, see what we're up to and of course leave a comment if you so chose.

Earlier this week I also planted the herbs I'd recently bought in to a new bed nearer the house....

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