Sunday, July 19, 2009

Morning Harvest!

We are in the habit of popping out to the 'Farm' each morning to see what we can harvest. Here is my basket of goodies from today. . .

I'll show you them indivudually. Here's the butternut squash. . .

These seem very small compared to what I see in the supermarkets, but I didn't want to leave them too long and have them go bad. I think I will try to make a small batch of our favorite butternut squash soup today. I'll let you know how it turns out.

These are the Acorn Squash, again quite small compared to store bought. To be honest I've never bought Acorn Squash, but I saw them in the store yesterday and realized they do indeed stay green, they're just a little larger than ours. When I saw ours was starting to turn a little yellow, and had been green for a couple of weeks now, I decided to harvest them also. I'll have to look for a recipe for these as I have no idea what to do with them!

Here's some little chili peppers that have finally turned red and are a little longer than most of the ones left on the plant! Again, don't know what I will do with them though. . .

And here's my yummy tomatoes. . . "let not the eye deceive you'"!

See what I mean about the skins splitting? There I was waiting for these to turn even redder, when I double checked their label - they are called 'Golden Boys'! They don't turn red, they go orange! So, despite the fact that they didn't look ripe enough to me, I harvested some the other day and got a really lovely surprise. These 'guys' are the most sweetest and juiciest tomatoes I've ever had. I wish you could try them! Jason is even eating them on his salad, and he hates fresh tomatoes! He says it's different when 'they're your own' ;-)

And finally. . . cucumbers! We are starting to realize that we don't need to plant as many cucumber plants as we have this year. We seriously can't eat them fast enough, and I've already given a ton away! Here's the pile in the kitchen from the past couple of days. . .

I've also pickled some already, and we're waiting to see what they turn out like, before we decided if we want to do more (of course not with these guys as they won't be that fresh by then!). These guys are going in to the office with Jason today!

Yesterday, I was busy in the kitchen'cooking up a storm'.It's book club at my house tonight and we've been reading (my pick), Pomegranate Soup by Marsha Mehran. I've actually made the pomegranate soup that the book gives the recipe for, and also some Baklava (again from the book). Surprisingly the soup is rather tasty. I'll take pictures tonight when I set everything out for my guests. I think you've got enough photos today to keep you happy ;-)

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